Corn, Oklahoma Tornado June 8, 1951

During the evening hours on Friday, June 8th, 1951, the small town of Corn, Oklahoma was visited by a devastating, F4 tornado. This massive tornado destroyed homes and several farm buildings on its 15-mile east-southeastward track across Corn and Colony, Oklahoma. The storm killed over 26 head of cattle and 1,000 chickens. Debris was reportedly carried as far as 90 miles away. 

June 8, 1951 Corn OK Tornado Track
Above is the tornado track. This image is courtesy of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.

Another tornado, not of the track map above, moved eastward from 6 miles west of Corn. Some observers claim to see the two tornadoes merge before going into town. The Western History Collection at the University of Oklahoma Library has a picture of these two tornadoes. 

The twin twisters are rare by today’s standards, just imagine trying to photograph one in 1951! More incredible, this tornado was caught on 16 mm film. John Gossen, who lived 6 miles south of Corn, grabbed his motion picture camera and became the first person in the US to capture a tornado on motion pictures.


How Did The Rare Twin Tornadoes in Nebraska Form?

Corn Resident One of the First to Capture Tornado on Motion Pictures

Corn, Oklahoma

Tornado Tracks Tool. Midwestern Regional Climate CenterIllinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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