WX History: February 17th

1894: According to Grazulis, an estimated F2 tornado hits 5 miles south of Warren, Arkansas. An elderly woman was killed in one of the small homes that were destroyed. Fruit trees were ripped out and carried a half mile. Another tornado, estimated F3, killed 2 people in Claiborne County, Louisiana.

1926: A deadly avalanche, Utah’s worst, demolishes 14 miner’s cottages and a three-story boarding house in Bingham Canyon. Thirty-six are killed and 13 injured.

Source: GenDisaster.com

1962: Very heavy snow of 20 to 30 inches fell across the southeastern half of South Dakota from February 15-18th. Everything was shut-down due to the storm including roads, schools, and businesses. Some snowfall amounts included, 10 inches at Bryant, 11 inches at Miller, 20 inches at Mitchell, 21 inches at Redfield, 23 inches at Huron, and 32 inches at Sioux Falls.

The surface map on February 18th, 1962 at 7 am.
The snowfall map above is courtesy of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.