WX History: June 15th

1935: An estimated F3 tornado moved east from 17 miles southwest of Onida in central South Dakota. There was near F4 damage to one farm about 9 miles SSW of Onida. The house was destroyed, 60 cattle were killed, and five people were injured. At another farm, the home shifted over the storm cellar, trapping a family.

June 15, 1935 Central SD TornadoJune 15, 1935 Central SD Tornado Mon, Jun 17, 1935 – 1 · Rapid City Journal (Rapid City, South Dakota) · Newspapers.com

1972: A look back at Hurricane Agnes.

1991: The second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th Century began as Mt. Pinatubo injected 15 to 30 million tons of sulfur dioxide 100,000 feet into the atmosphere. 343 people were killed in the Philippines as a result of the eruptions, and 200,000 were left homeless. Material from the eruption would spread around the globe, leading to climate changes worldwide as the sun’s energy was blocked out and global temperatures cooled by as much as one degree Fahrenheit. 1992 was globally one of the coldest since the 1970s.

2017: A very tall waterspout spun up on Mobile Bay Thursday morning as thunderstorms moved southeast into the Gulf of Mexico. 


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