WX History: June 13th

1972: Severe weather conditions over the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico begin to converge and form a tropical depression that would become Hurricane Agnes over the next two weeks. This hurricane affected most of the eastern United States with the Northeast being the hardest hit area with heavy rainfall.

Hurricane Agnes 1972_2

Source(s): Weather Prediction Center and History.com

1976: A deadly tornado moved across parts of the southwestern Chicago, Illinois suburbs killing three people and injured 23 others. The tornado, with winds over 200 mph moved from Lemont to Downers Grove causing $13 million dollars in damage when 87 homes were destroyed, and another 90 were damaged. The tornado passed over the Argonne National Laboratory, peeling part of a roof of the building housing a nuclear reactor. The tornadoes movement was rather erratic moving southeast to the north and finally turning northwest.

1976 Lemont ILTornado at McCarthy Road taken from127th St
The Lemont Tornado in the area of McCarthy Road. The picture was taken about a mile away on 127th street. The image is courtesy of Lemont Historical Society and Museum.

Source: Lemont Area Historical Society and Museum and the NWS Office in Chicago



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