WX History: June 10th

1752: It is believed that this was the day Benjamin Franklin narrowly missed electrocution while flying a kite during a thunderstorm to determine if lightning is related to electricity.

Source: History.com

1938: The community of Clyde, Texas was struck by a slow-moving tornado shortly after dusk. Many saw it coming and scrambled to safety inside storm cellars. The estimated F5 tornado killed 14 people. A five-year-old boy carried his little brother to safety.

June 10th, 1938 - Clyde, Texas TornadoJune 10th, 1938 – Clyde, Texas Tornado Thu, Jun 16, 1938 – Page 9 · The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana) · Newspapers.com

1997: Flash Flooding occurred in many locations in Mississippi. Highway 80 and many other streets were flooded in and around Vicksburg. Water engulfed one person’s car, but the person was rescued. Over 6 inches of rain fell in Lexington in a little over 3 hours. The torrential rains caused Bear Creek to overflow and flood much of the town of Lexington. 45 businesses were affected by the flooding, and 30 of these suffered significant losses. As many as 300 homes had water damage.


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