WX History: June 9th

1953: an F4 tornado touched down NW of Worcester, MA leaving a 46-mile path of destruction.

1956: A heat wave impacted the intermountain area to the northern Great Lakes from June 9-13, 1956.

1966: Hurricane Alma made landfall over the eastern Florida panhandle becoming the earliest hurricane to make landfall on the United States mainland.

Hurricane Alma 1966 part2

1972: A steady flow of warm moist air near the surface fed storms and anchored them against the Black Hills for six to eight hours. A flash flood killed 238 people in the Rapid City area after as much as fifteen inches of rain fell over the eastern Black Hills.

June 9, 1972 Rapid City Flood
Flood damage on East Blvd. at Omaha St. in Rapid City, June 10, 1972. The photo is courtesy of the Rapid City Journal.

Source(s): NWS Office in Rapid City, South Dakota and History.com

2015: The Red River reached a crest of just over 37 feet in Shreveport, Louisiana.

2017: Fairbanks, Alaska reached 90 degrees. The last time they saw 90 degrees was back in 2013.



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