WX History: May 1st

1857: The Washington Evening Star publishes the first US national weather summary using observations from volunteers to the Smithsonian Institution’s cooperative network.

May 1, 1857 Evening Star
Above is the first published weather summary from the Washington Evening Star. The image is courtesy of the Library of Congress.

1933: An estimated F4 tornado struck Minden, Louisiana, killing 28 people and injuring 400 others. 500 homes were damaged or destroyed with $1.3 million dollars in damage.

May 1, 1933 Minden, LA tornado

Source(s): Memories of Minden and LSU Archives and Special Collections.

1999: Record, low temperatures for the date, were broken in the Deep South. Mobile, Alabama dropped to 46 degrees.  Miami fell to 58; Miami Beach bottomed out at 61, and Vero Beach dropped to 47 degrees, all new records. Other stations in Florida also set record cold maximums for the date, including 61 at Jacksonville and Daytona Beach with 66 degrees. 

2003: A record-setting 516 tornadoes occurred during the month of May 2003. In particular, during the period May 4-10, 2003, an unprecedented number of tornadoes, 393 total, affected the central and the southern United States. The tornadoes resulted in 39 deaths across four states. Six of these tornadoes were classified as violent (F4) on the Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale.

Source: History.com

2013: Over one foot of snow fell on southeast Minnesota on May 1 through May 3.

2017: Heavy rain of 12 to 20 inches fell over the southern portion of Missouri.




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