WX History: April 28th

1893: A ½ mile wide estimated F4 tornado killed 23 people and injured 150 as it tore a path of devastation through Cisco, Texas. Every building in the town was either totally destroyed or severely damaged. 

1973: The record crest of the Mississippi River at St. Louis, Missouri was registered at 43.23 feet on this day. This level exceeded the previous 1785 mark by 1.23 feet. This record was broken during the 1993 Flood when the Mississippi River crested at 49.58 feet on August 1st. At Memphis, Tennessee, the Mississippi was over flood stage for 63 days, more than that of the historic 1927 flood, and the river was above flood stage for an even longer 107 days at upstream Cairo, Illinois. Out of the seven largest floods on the Mississippi between 1927 and 1997, the 1973 event ranked third in both volume discharged and duration but only sixth in flood height. Over $250 million of damages were incurred mainly in the Mississippi Valley states of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

April 28, 1973 Morgan City, Mississippi River Flooding
Above is Morgan City, Louisiana during the Mississippi River flooding of 1973. This aerial image was taken in May.

1991: Memphis, Tennessee recorded their wettest April ever with 15.03 inches, breaking their previous record of 13.90 inches in 1872.

2002: During the evening hours, a violent F4 tornado carved a 64-mile path across southeast Maryland. The La Plata, Maryland tornado was part of a larger severe weather outbreak that began in the mid-Mississippi Valley early on that day and spread across portions of the Ohio Valley and the Mid-Atlantic States. In Maryland, three deaths and 122 injuries were a direct result of the storm. Property damage exceeded $100 million. Tornadoes along the Atlantic coast are not common, and tornadoes of this magnitude are extremely rare. Only six F4 tornadoes have occurred farther north and east of the La Plata storm: Worchester, Massachusetts – 1953; New York/Massachusetts – 1973; Windsor Locks, Connecticut – 1979; five counties in New York – 1989; New Haven, Connecticut – 1989; North Egremont, Massachusetts – 1995. None was as close to the coast. The tornado traveled across the Chesapeake Bay almost to the Atlantic.


The La Plata tornado was moving southeast across the Chesapeake Bay as a waterspout. The photograph was taken from Long Beach, Maryland. The photograph is courtesy of Ted L. Dutcher.

Source(s). NWS Assessment and Earth Science Picture of the Day.



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