WX History: April 26th

1884: Tornadoes were hard to capture on old cameras with their hard to use glass plate negatives. The first recorded photograph of a tornado was taken on this date by A.A. Adams near Garnett, Kansas.

The photographer, A.A. Adams took the photograph from a street corner near the United Presbyterian Church. It is reported to be the earliest known photograph of a tornado. 

Source: WeatherNation and Kansas Historical Society

1978: An unusually strong occluded front swept out of the Gulf of Alaska and produced the first April thunderstorm of record at Fairbanks. Pea-size hail fell northeast of Fairbanks from thunderstorms whose tops were less than 8000 feet.

1986: The Chernobyl nuclear power station in Kiev Ukraine suffered a massive explosion. The radioactive cloud of particles and gas carried westward and northwestward, contaminating large areas of Europe in the following week.

April 26, 1986 Chernobyl_Disaster
Chernobyl Disaster aftermath shows very extensive damage to the main reactor hall (center of image) and turbine building.

Source: History Channel.





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