WX History: April 17th

1922: Southern Illinois and Western Indiana saw two rounds of severe weather, including tornadoes. The first significant tornado occurred just before midnight on the 16th near Oakdale, Illinois. This tornado killed 4 and injured 22 others. Five additional tornadoes took place between midnight and 3 AM on the 17. During the mid-morning and early afternoon hours, two estimated F4 tornadoes caused devastation in Hedrick and near Orestes in Indiana. A postcard from one farm near Orestes was dropped near Mt. Cory, Ohio, 124 miles away.

April 17, 1922
The map about contains the possible tornado tracks for the two events. The red lines are estimated F4 tornadoes.

April 18, 1922. Southern IL Tornadoes.April 18, 1922. Southern IL Tornadoes. · Tue, Apr 18, 1922 – 36 · Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) · Chicago Tribune

1942: West Palm Beach, Florida was soaked by 8.35 inches of rain in just two hours.

2002:  A heat wave continued across the east as high pressure off the Carolina blocked a frontal boundary across the Plains. Records for the date included:

Newark, New Jersey:  97
NYC Central Park:  96
Hartford, Connecticut:  95
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  95
Reagan National Airport, DC:  95 (Tied monthly high)
Lynchburg, Virginia:  94
Atlantic City, New Jersey:  94
Norfolk, Virginia:  93
Providence, Rhode Island:  93
Boston, Massachusetts:  93
Portland, Maine:  80


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