WX History: April 16th

1849: Charleston, South Carolina recorded their latest freeze ever with a temperature of 32 degrees while 6 inches of snow fell at Wilmington, North Carolina. Snow fell as far south as Milledgeville, Georgia. A damaging hard freeze occurred from Texas to Georgia devastating the cotton crop. 

1851: “The Lighthouse Storm” of 1851 struck New England on this date. Heavy gales and high seas pounded the coasts of New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts. The storm arrived at the time of a full moon, and high tide was producing unusually high storm tides. The storm was so named because it destroyed the lighthouse at Cohasset, Massachusetts. Two assistant lighthouse keepers were killed there when the structure was swept away by the storm tide.

April 16, 1851 Lighthouse Storm
The fog bell was heard furiously clanging around 1 AM on April 17th, 1851, moments before it toppled into the boiling surf.

Source: The New England Lighthouse Storm and the Yankee Gale.

1939: In Arkansas, nine tornadoes tracked across the southern and eastern portion of the state. Tornadoes killed 30 people.

1947: Ammonium Nitrate explosion occurred aboard the S.S. Grandcamp docked in Texas City. The explosion killed 400 to 600 people.

1998: An F3 tornado hits downtown Nashville causing extensive damage but no loss of life. An additional 62 tornadoes touched down in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. These tornadoes caused 12 fatalities and approximately 120 injuries.

Source: NWS Office in Nashville, TN

2011: Thirty, confirmed tornadoes occurred in North Carolina on this day. Five of the tornadoes were rated EF-3.

2008: Typhoon Neoguri forms over the South China Sea on the 15th and rapidly intensifying to attain typhoon strength by the 16th, reaching its peak intensity on the 18th with maximum sustained winds near 109 mph. More than 120,000 people are evacuated from Hainan when heavy rains cause flash floods in low-lying areas. Three fatalities are attributed to the storm, though 40 fishermen are reported missing. Neoguri made landfall in China earlier than any other tropical cyclone on record, about two weeks before the previous record set by Typhoon Wanda in 1971.

April 16, 2008 Typhoon Neoguri
Typhoon Neoguri, seen from MODIS on the Aqua satellite at 0550Z on April 17th. The image is courtesy of NASA.

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