WX History: April 13th

1743: Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the USA, and the “father of weather observers was born on this day.

1986: A major spring storm quickly intensified bringing blizzard conditions to much of the Northern Plains Region. Up to 18 inches of snow was reported in North Dakota, and in South Dakota, winds gusting to 90 mph whipped the snow into drifts fifteen feet high. Livestock losses were in the millions of dollars, and for some areas, it was the worst blizzard ever.

2006: An F2 tornado hit Iowa City, Iowa and trekked across other Southeast parts of the University of Iowa campus doing 15+ million dollars damage hurting 30 people and damaging or destroying 1051 buildings. The roof/steeple/ bricks fell from the St. Patrick’s Church shortly after 75 parishioners was taken to the rectory basement next door.

Partly caved in
The photograph of St. Patrick’s Church above is courtesy of the Des Moines Register.

2017: Northern California mountains had their wettest water year.


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