WX History: April 10th

1929: An estimated F5 tornado traveled across northeast Arkansas, killing 23.

1935: Severe dust storms across Iowa and Kansas closed schools and highways. Dodge City, Kansas experienced its worst dust storm of record, with thick dust reported from the morning of the 9th until after sunset on the 11th. The sky was almost as dark as night at times during the daylight hours. The thick dust suspended traffic on highways and railroads and also suspended most business in town. 

April 10, 1935 Dust Storm
This image is courtesy of the Kansas Heritage Center in Dodge City.

Source: NWS Office in Dodge City, Kansas.

1965: An F4 tornado struck Conway, Arkansas, killing six.

1979: This day was known as “Terrible Tuesday” to the residents of Wichita Falls, Texas as an F4 tornado ripped through the city. A massive F4 tornado smashed into Wichita Falls killing 43 people and causing 300 million dollars in damage. Another tornado struck Vernon, Texas killing eleven people. 

April 10, 1979 Terrible Tuesday
The map above was created by Fujita and Wakimoto from the University of Chicago.
April 10, 1979 Terrible Tuesday Tornado
The photograph above was taken from the roof of Bethania Hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Source: NWS Office in Norman, Oklahoma.

1996: Severe Tropical Cyclone Olivia broke the world wind record by producing 253.5 mph winds on Barrow Island, Australia. The previous record was 234 mph on Mt. Washington. 

2009: Ten tornadoes impacted middle Tennessee, including an EF4 that struck Murfreesboro.

2017: More than 500 reports of a meteor from California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.


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