WX History: April 2nd

1936: An estimated F4 tornado cut a 15-mile path through Crisp County, GA. The hardest hit area was the town of Cordele, where 276 homes were destroyed in a five-block swath through the town. The storm was on a course that would have missed the center of the city, but it made a left turn towards the end of its path. 23 people were killed and 500 injured. Total damage was $3 million dollars.

April 2, 1936 Cordele Ga Tornado Damage
The photograph above is a damaged home in Cordele, GA. The photograph is from Georgia Archives.

Source: Georgia Weather History. 

1957: An F3 tornado tore through Dallas, TX. 10 people were killed, and 216 were injured. Total damage was $1.5 million. This tornado was among the most photographed and studied in history.

April 2, 1957 Dallas Tornado

Source: NWS Office in Ft. Worth, Texas.

1982: Severe thunderstorms spawned fifty-six tornadoes in the south-central U.S., including seventeen in the Red River Region of Texas and Oklahoma. The tornadoes claimed thirty lives and injured 383 other persons. A violent tornado near Messer, Oklahoma left only the carpet tack strips on the slab of a house it destroyed and carried a motel sign thirty miles.

April 2, 1982 Red River Tornado Outbreak
The map of the tornado tracks above is from Storm Data.

April 2, 1982 Red River Tornado Outbreak 2

Source: NWS Office in Ft. Worth, Texas.

1999: an outbreak of severe thunderstorms led to several strong tornadoes across portions of East Texas and Northwest Louisiana.



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