WX History: April 1st

1875: The London Times published the first daily newspaper weather map. The first American newspaper weather map would be issued on 5/12/1876 in the New York Herald. Weather maps would first appear on a regular basis beginning on 5/9/1879 in the New York Daily Graphic.

1960: A satellite designed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) launched to become the nation’s first weather satellite. That satellite, the Television InfraRed Observational Satellite, or TIROS 1, operated for only 78 days but demonstrated the feasibility of monitoring Earth’s cloud cover and weather patterns from space. This NASA program provided the first accurate weather forecasts based on data gathered from space.

April 1, 1960 1st Picture from TIROS
Above is the first picture from TIROS 1 on April 1st, 1960. The satellite would cease operations in mid-June 1960, due to an electrical failure.

1970: A snowstorm produced 5 to 12 inches of snow over northern Illinois on April 1 through the 2nd. The storm closed the O’Hare airport.

April 1, 1970 Illinois Snowfall Map
The snowfall map is courtesy of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center.

April 1. 1970 Chicago Snow

Source: Chicago Tribune Archives.

1973: A tornado touches down near Brentsville, Virginia, then traveled to Fairfax hitting Woodson High School. This F2 tornado injured 37 and caused $14 million in damage.

April 1, 1973 Fairfax Tornado Track
A newspaper clipping showing the path of the tornado.

Source: braddockheritage.org




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