WX History: March 30th

1848: On six reported occasions, the water flow over the American Falls has been totally blocked by ice and ceased to fall. But only once has this happened in the much larger Horseshoe Falls. 

Source: The Day Niagara Falls Went Dry – Dr. Keith Heidern.

1899: A storm that buried Ruby, Colorado under 141 inches of snow came to an end. Ruby was an old abandoned mining town on the Elk Mountain Range in the Crested Butte area.

March 30, 1899 Ruby, Co Snowfall
Cooperative Observers’ Meteorological Record for Ruby, CO for March 1899.

1938: Tornadoes crossing Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois, killed 40 and injured 548. The worst damage was in South Pekin, Illinois, where three city blocks were leveled, and 250 homes were damaged or destroyed. This estimated F3 tornado killed 9. A home destroyed near Edwardsville, Il, was also hit by another tornado in 1883. 

March 30, 1938 Missouri Tornadoes
The tornado track map above is courtesy of the Bangladesh and East India Tornado Prediction Site.
March 30, 1938 South Pekin IL Tornado Damage
A wrecked water tank and building in South Pekin, IL. Image from the Chicago Tribune published on April 1st, 1938.

Source: Bangladeshtornadoes.org.

Source: Chicago Tribune on April 1st, 1938.

1987:  Accumulating snow falls over portions of Arkansas. 

2015: Typhoon Maysak, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Chedeng, was the most powerful pre-April tropical cyclone on record in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

2017: GOES-16 captured blowing dust over the deserts of southern California. 




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