WX History: March 26th

1948: A Good Friday tornado moved from Terre Haute to Redkey, Indiana killing 20 people. About 80% of the town of Coatesville was destroyed, and 16 people were killed. The Coatesville Carnegie Library was a total loss. The path was a half mile wide.

March 26, 1948 Coatesville Tornado Damage
Coatesville, Indiana tornado damage. The image is courtesy of the Indiana State Police.

Source: Coatesville-Clay Township Public Library.

2009: The proof is in the pudding – A NOAA Weather Radio can save your life. Near Belk, AL, a family was alerted to a tornado by their weather radio; they went to their storm cellar. They heard the “jet roar” of the EF1 tornado as it damaged their home; they were unhurt.

March 26, 2009 Weather Radio in AL
The clipping above is from the March 2009 Storm Data Publication.

2011: Two tornadoes tracked across Bulloch County in Georgia. The strongest, an EF1, caused damage to seven structures, including throwing one mobile home 30 yards.

2017: Tornadoes do occur in other parts of the world. Here is a video of one in Khamis Mustait, Saudi Arabia.

2017: A rare tornado in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico.

Source: Hurricane Center PR on Facebook.


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