WX History: March 25th

1901: More than 20 people were killed by an estimated F3 tornado that moved across parts of Birmingham, Alabama. The twister cut a 15-mile path from the south side of the city to Avondale and Irondale.

The above images are courtesy of the Birmingham Public Library Digital Collection.

1913: The Great Flood of March 23-26, 1913 impacted the Ohio River valley and surrounding tributaries. Dayton, Ohio was hardest hit as the Miami River burst levees on the south side of town. Flood water in downtown Dayton reached 10th on March 25th.

March 25, 1913 Dayton Ohio Flood
4th Street of Dayton, OH during the flood.

Sources: Great Flood of 1913

1935: Suffocating dust storms frequently occurred in southeast Colorado between the 12th and the 25th of the month. Six people died, and many livestock starved or suffocated. Up to six feet of dust covered the ground. Schools were closed, and many rural homes were deserted by tenants. 

1948: The first tornado forecast was conducted by the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. “In the evening of March 25, 1948, a tornado roared through Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), Oklahoma, causing considerable damage, a few injuries, but no fatalities. However, the destruction could have been much worse. A few hours earlier, Air Force Captain Robert C. Miller and Major Ernest J. Fawbush correctly predicted that atmospheric conditions were ripe for tornadoes in the vicinity of Tinker AFB. The swirling funnel left $6 million dollars in damage, $4 million less than the first storm, which had occurred only five days earlier. The first tornado forecast was instrumental in advancing the nation’s commitment to protecting the American public and military resources from the dangers caused by natural hazards.”

March 25, 1948 First Tornado Forecast
Remains of a large military aircraft after the passage of the March 25th, 1948 tornado.

Source: Golden Anniversary of Tornado Forecasting.  NOAA Photo Library.

1992: Hailstones up to three inches in diameter resulted in more than $60 million in damage in the Orlando, Florida area. This is still one of the costliest Florida hailstorms on record. 

March 25, 1992 Orlando Hail 3March 25, 1992 Orlando Hail 2March 25, 1992 Orlando Hail

Sources: NWS Office in Melbourne, Florida.  March 1992 – Storm Data.

2017: Tropical Cyclone Debbie off the Queensland, Australia. 

2017: Large hail fell near the Safaniya Oil Fields in Saudi Arabia.


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