WX History: March 24th

1912: Residents of Kansas City began to dig out from a storm that produced 25 inches of snow from March 22nd through the 24th. A record 40.2 inches of snow fell during the month of March that year, and the total for the winter season of 67 inches was also a record. Olathe, Kansas received 37 inches of snow in the snowstorm. This storm system also spread heavy snow eastward into the Ohio River Valley.

1929: St. Louis, Missouri soared to 92 degrees; their all-time record high for March. 

Source: St. Louis, MO Climate Summary for 1929.

1975: “The Governor’s Tornado” hop-scotched a 13-mile path across the western part of Atlanta, GA during the early morning hours, causing considerable damage to the Governor’s mansion. Hundreds of expensive homes, businesses and apartment complexes were damaged. Total losses were estimated at $56 million dollars. Three people lost their lives, and another 152 were injured by the F3 tornado.

March 24, 1975 Governor Tornado
Damage to the Governor’s Mansion.

Source: 11AliveNews.com



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