WX History: March 19th

1907: The highest March temperature in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was set when the temperature soared to 97 degrees. Dodge City, Kansas also set a March record with 98 degrees.

1948: An estimated F4 tornado moved through Fosterburg, Bunker Hill, and Gillespie, Illinois, killing 33 people and injuring 449 others. 2,000 buildings in Bunker Hill were damaged or destroyed. Total damage was $3.6 million dollars.

March 19, 1948 Bunker Hill Tornado 2
A view of the business district in Bunker Hill, Illinois after the tornado.
March 19, 1948 Bunker Hill Tornado
A view of Meissner School in Bunker Hill, Illinois.

Source: Bunker Hill Library.

2003: On this day in 2003, one of the worst blizzards, since records began in 1872, struck the Denver metro. Heavy snow accumulating to around 3 feet in the city and more than 7 feet in the foothills brought transportation to near standstill.

March 19, 2003 Denver Snow

Source: NWS Office in Boulder, CO.

2012: From March 17 through March 22, Buffalo, New York saw record high temperatures, including three days with highs reaching the lower 80s.

2014: A Magnitude 3.0 earthquake occurred near Summerville, South Carolina.


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