WX History: January 2nd

1870: One unofficial source reported the heaviest snowfall ever known in Louisville, Kentucky, piled up to about four feet. That would be more than twice as much as the accepted official record of 22.4 inches set February 4 through 6.

1897: Tornadoes in January? Two tornadoes touched down on this day. The first tornado touched down in the town of Mooringsport, Louisiana, killing five people and injuring 21 others. The second tornado occurred at Benton, Arkansas. Although this tornado was more destructive regards to property damage, it caused one death.

Source: Thomas Grazulis book, “Significant Tornadoes 1680-1991.”

1955: Hurricane Alice passed through the Islands of Saint Martin and Saba in the Caribbean Sea on this day. Alice, which developed on December 30, 1954, is the only known Atlantic hurricane to span two calendar years.

Shown above is a PPI scope image from an SPS-6 radar on the USS MIDWAY at 2330 GMT on January 1st, 1955.
Above is the Hurricane Alica storm track.

Source: Monthly Weather Review.





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