WX History: June 23rd

1944: The deadliest and strongest tornado in the state of West Virginia occurred on this day. The Shinnston Tornado that ravaged a path of destruction from Shinnston to Cheat Mountain, then on to Maryland and ending in Pennsylvania in the Allegheny Mountains, is the only twister to produce F4 damage in West Virginia. This tornado killed 103 people.

Source(s): History Channel and West Virginia Division of Culture and History.

2002: A powerful supercell thunderstorm produced six tornadoes from eastern McPherson County and across northern Brown County in South Dakota during the evening hours. The fifth tornado developed 5 miles southeast of Barnard and became a violent F4 tornado. This tornado caused damage to one farmhouse, several outbuildings, trees, and equipment as it moved northeast and strengthened.

Source: Silver Lining Tours.com

2010: An F2 tornado destroyed approximately 50 homes and caused damages estimated to be $15 million in Midland, Ontario. 12 people were reported to be injured.

Source: CTV News.


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