WX History: April 30th

1888: 246 people died in the world’s deadliest hailstorm in India. Hailstones were reportedly the size of baseballs. 1600 domesticated animals at Moradabad perished.

April 30, 1888 Newpaper clipping of India hailstorm
The newspaper clipping above is from The Argus in Melbourne, Australia, on May 8th, 1888.

Source: History.com

1924: A major tornado outbreak occurred from Alabama to Virginia on the 29 through the 30th. 26 tornadoes were of F2 intensity or greater. A total of 111 people were killed, and over 1,100 injured. An estimated F4 tornado tore through Steedman and Horrell Hill, SC. 55 people were killed from this tornado.

April 30, 1924 South Carolina tornado info

Source: Climatological Data of South Carolina in 1924.

1953: An F4 tornado, 300 yards in width leveled homes on the north side of Warner-Robins Georgia, and barracks on the south side of the Warner-Robins Air Force Base. 19 people were killed and were 300 injured. 

Source: Robins Air Force Base.




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