WX History: March 22nd

1888: Chicago’s morning low dips to one degree below zero, the latest sub-zero Fahrenheit reading in the city’s history. This record still stands today.


March 22, 1888 Chicago Cold
The clipping above is from the Climatological Data Summary for Illinois in March 1888.


Source: Monthly Weather Review of the Illinois State Weather Service, March 1888.

1893: An estimated F2 tornado destroyed 14 buildings and injured four people as it passed through the center of town. There was minor damage to the Weather Bureau office, which was located at Grand and Robinson in south Oklahoma City. This could be the first significant tornado to impact Oklahoma City because it was founded just four years earlier on April 22, 1889.

March 22, 1893 Oklahoma City tornado
The clipping above is from the Monthly Bulletin of the Oklahoma Weather Service for March 1893.

1920: A spectacular display of the “Northern Lights” was visible as far south as Tampa FL, El Paso, TX and Fresno, CA. At Detroit MI, the display was described “so brilliant as to blot out all stars below the first magnitude.”

Source: Northern Lights Seen in Atlanta Monday Evening, The Atlanta Constitution on March 23, 1920.

2017: A rare phenomenon, red sprites, were captured over Tokio.



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