WX History: March 14th

1933: A deadly tornado outbreak affected the Middle Tennessee region, including Nashville on this day. The outbreak, which produced five or more tornadoes, killed 44 people and injured at least 461 others. The strongest tornado, F3, cut a path through the center of Nashville. About 1,400 homes were damaged or destroyed. Windows were blown out of the State Capitol Building. 

March 14, 1933 Nashville Tornado
Above is the entrance to the Auditorium of the Bailey High School. The auditorium’s walls were forced outward, allowing the roof to cave in.

Source: NWS Office in Nashville, TN.


2008: An EF2 tornado moved through downtown Atlanta, Georgia shortly before 10 pm damaging the Georgia Dome where the SEC men’s basketball tournament was underway.

March 14, 2008 Atlanta Tornado
The tornado track map above is courtesy of the NWS Office in Atlanta, GA.


Source: NWS Office in Atlanta, Georgia.




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