WX History: February 24th

1969: The famous “100-Hour Storm” began in Boston, MA. Snow fell much of the time between early on the 25th through noon on the 28th. The 26.3 inches at Logan Airport is the 2nd greatest snowstorm in Boston’s history. 77 inches fell at Pinkham Notch Base Station in New Hampshire bringing their February total to 130 inches. Their snow cover on the 27th was 164 inches. Mt. Washington, NH received 172.8 inches of snow in the month.


Feb 24, 1969 NE Snowfall Map
The snow map above is courtesy of the National Centers for Environmental Information.


2001: Over a dozen tornadoes spawned in central and eastern Arkansas. The strongest tornado (F3) was in Desha County, with parts of a farm shop found six miles away from where it was blown apart. An 18-month-old was killed in Fulton County by an F2 tornado.

2016: A strong area of low pressure along with a cold front produced a severe weather outbreak from North Carolina to Pennsylvania. Not one, but two, rare February tornadoes occurred in central Virgina. The strongest tornado caused EF3 damage in Appomattox, County. This is the first EF3 tornado ever in Appomattox County.

Source: http://www.weather.gov/media/rnk/Appomattox.pdf

The photo above was taken by Jason Smith in the Evergreen area.

Source: NWS Office in Wakefield, Virginia.  And pdf here.


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