Gainesville, Georgia Tornado of June 1, 1903

During the early afternoon, one of the most destructive tornadoes in the history of Georgia, up to this time, struck the outskirts of Gainesville. The track of the storm was about four miles in length and varied between 100 to 200 feet in width. The tornado touched down about one mile southwest of Gainesville, striking a large cotton mill at 12:45 pm, Eastern Time, just 10 minutes after 750 employees filed into the great structure from dinner. On the top floor of the mill were employed 250 children, and it was here that the greatest loss of life occurred. This estimated F4 tornado killed 104 people and injured at least 200 others.

June 1, 1903 Gaineville Tornado Path

The dotted lines in the image above contain an estimated tornado track. The image is courtesy of the Monthly Weather Review.

June 1, 1903 Gaineville Tornado Damage

Above is the cotton mill where most of the deaths occurred.

Click HERE to read more about this tornado event from the Monthly Weather Review. Click HERE for additional pictures from


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